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Project update

In 2016, the research follows the commissioning and publication of the 2015 report 'Cultural and creative spillovers in Europe’, authored by Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy (UK). The project will focus on testing evaluation methods of cultural and creative spillovers in the arts, culture and the creative industries in Europe. In spring 2016, we were soliciting individual or a consortium bid(s) from parties interested in completing case studies in different nations in the EU28, EU candidate countries and Eastern Partnership countries.
We have commissioned four research teams from Finland, Italy, Poland and the Netherlands – for more information please visit the case studies 0216.
The case studies will document, evaluate and make recommendations based on arts, cultural and creative activity/projects/developments where cultural and creative spillover effects have been evaluated or might be evaluated using and testing innovative methods. The output will be a report commenting on and delivering recommendations on the efficacy of methodological approaches used in different settings to measure spillover effects and on future methodological approaches to investigating spillover effects.

Project background

In January 2015, an EU-wide research project "Preliminary Evidence of Spillover Effects in Europe" was launched with the aim of better understanding the methodologies that could be used to better measure spillover effects of public investment (public money awarded directly or indirectly by government funded industry bodies) in the arts, culture and the creative industries. A research alliance across Europe have contributed research to form an international evidence library. Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy was commissioned to analyse the evidence library - approximately 100 case studies (projects and activities) - and their spillover effects (download the report here or contact us for a hard copy).

This research platform has been initiated by the Arts Council England (ACE) and the european centre for creative economy (ecce). It is funded by ecce, ACE, Arts Council of Ireland, Creative England and the European Cultural Foundation. The European Creative Business Network (ECBN) is managing the financial administration of the project and will be responsible for contractual processes and all payments. Find out more about the funding partners.

We will use this preliminary research as a base to better understand and identify optimal conditions to enable spillover effects and to list indicators to measure these effects. To date this research:
  • is the most comprehensive database on projects with spillover effects in Europe.
  • is the first project attempting to analyse the causality of spillover effects and their contribution to the EU Agenda 2020.
  • will be the first open-access digital research platform for spillover effects.

Please note that this platform will be continuously developed to reflect our ongoing research strategy and the suggestions of our community of debate around spillovers.

Join the debate!

We have developed this simple platform with the following aims:
  • Share learning and encourage debate
  • Grow the currency and understanding of the term cultural and creative spillovers
  • Collect more evidence
  • Challenge, test, and peer review our findings
  • Dissemination of the research projects and its results
  • Maintain and grow our European network

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