Past and future events

As a collaborative and pan-European project we are trying to engage researchers, cultural practitioners, policy makers, students and any other interested parties in our debate. We do so by our attendance at significant European events. We write a comprehensive report after most project meetings or workshops - these can be found below.

1) Conferences, Workshops, etc. where the project is presented and where you can hear more about the research and get involved.


5-7 October 2016, 24th ENCATC Annual Conference, Valencia, Spain
Bernd Fesel (ecce) will present the work of the partnership to conference attendees.More information.

18-21 October 2016, 7th World Summit on Arts and Culture, Malta
At the annual conference of IFACCA, the CCS partnership will be running a breakout session on the subject of cultural and creative spillovers. Exact timings are yet to be finalised but more detail on the summit can be found here.

Past events

24/25 August 2016 Forum d'Avignon Ruhr, Essen
A pre-conference workshop bringing together the 2016 research consortium, including those completing case studies, funding and research partners as well as expert guests and interested observers. More Information.

23 June 2016: 5th European Creative Industries Summit 2016
The ECIS wants to initiate and facilitate a collaboration of the leading drivers for industrial strategies within creative industries on European, national and regional levels. For the first time these leading, yet diverse drivers are invited to exchange know-how and coordinate their policy strategies, which could lead to a major leap in the industrial capacities. A European coordination of national funding policies, eg for design or games, could open markets transnationally, extend value chains and increase income for the given sectors - without any additional funding. Thus in times of increasing global challenges the ECIS is focusing on the industrial and global dimension, the scaling skill within the cultural and creative industries. More information.

3 June 2016: expert panel at “Re: Creating Europe” Forum on European Culture, Amsterdam
Bernd Fesel presented at an expert panel on the value of culture for social well-being. More information.

20 May 2016: seminar at ArtLabs Milano - research partnership and case studies

19/20 April 2016: "European Culture Forum" in Brussels
The European Culture Forum is a biennial flagship event organised by the European Commission, aimed at raising the profile of European cultural cooperation, uniting the sector's key players, taking stock the European Agenda for Culture's implementation, and sparking debate on EU culture policy and initiatives. Bernd Fesel, ECBN managing director and Senior Advisor at ecce, presented at a plenary session entitled "Arts meets business and technology". He framed the session’s best practice presentations theoretically – pointing out the first empirically based definition, the gaps in evaluation methods at hand and the need for the European Commission to invest in new research. Find out more about the forum and our presentation here.

6 April 2016 Meeting with the DG Research and Innovation in Brussels
Our presentation to the DG research and innovation on the topic of cultural and creative spillovers was welcomed, considering the current focus on innovation at intersection of sectors, open innovation and open governance. We presented our call for a 4m research budget dedicated to spillovers. Our recommendations around the methodological challenges of measuring innovation in cultural and creative spillovers was noted, as was the significance of the role of the EU at national and international levels for ensuring expert and consistent measurement.

29 February 2016 Lecture at the University of National and World Economy (Media Economics) (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Lecture delivered by Tsveta Andreeva.

27 January 2016 Meeting with the Culture and Creative Industries intergroup (European Parliament, Brussels) - cultural and creative spillovers as drivers for innovation
Bernd Fesel and Dawn Ashman presented their research findings on the Cultural and Creative spillover in Europe as drivers for innovation, backed by research from the Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy. Take a look at the powerpoint here.

26 January 2016 (8am PST, 11am EST, 4pm GMT, 5pm CET) (online - see video above)
Webinar hosted by the Cultural Research Network discussing our report.

22/23 September 2015: "Forum d'Avignon Ruhr" in Essen
In cooperation with the Forum d’Avignon, founded in 2008 under the EU Presidency, and with support from the Ministry for Family, Children, Youth, Culture and Sport of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, the european centre for creative economy (ecce) will be organising the fourth edition of their cultural conference. Once again, this international cultural and policy forum will illuminate the importance of cultural and creative industries for the future development of Europe, promote a dialogue with the society and the industry, build bridges, establish networks and thus also strengthen the Ruhr area in Europe. In 2015 the Forum d'Avignon Ruhr focuses on culture and creativity in times of digitalisation. Thus it refers to the future oriented theme of our time, which opens up opportunities but also raises doubts: culture influences key issues in conjunction with the latest technology in all its facets, promotes them and at the same time changes the economy as well as society as a whole. In this year's event we wish to outline this fundamental social change through digitalised cultural and creative industries, reflect, and jointly discuss how culture can especially contribute to shaping digital change with its visionary power. More information

24-26 June 2015: "Regional Seminar on the Potential of Cultural and Creative Sectors in the Eastern Partnership Countries: Connect, Develop, Invest" in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
The aim of the seminar is to discuss opportunities and challenges for the development of CCS sectors in the Eastern Partnership and EU countries as well as to exchange successful practices and experiences in this field. The seminar also aims to contribute to the establishment of a regional creative industry-based network to facilitate a long-term cooperation between the countries of the Eastern Partnership and with interested EU partners.

Tsveta from the European Cultural Foundation moderated a panel on spillovers, focussing on policy and practice. Nicole (Arts Council England) has written up a briefing note of the event.

22/23 June 2015: "STARTS Symposium" in Brussels
‘Innovation ­­– Working at the nexus between Science, Technology, and the ARTS’. Aiming opportunities for piloting cross-sectorial collaboration to enhance and promote innovation, the European Commission is launching its STARTS –S&T&ARTS program. Its objectives are to promote inclusion of artists in H2020 Projects, to fund residences of artists in technology and of scientists in art institutions, and to promote cross-sectorial curricula (technology- the Arts) in higher education. The STARTS symposium will explore the catalytic role of the Arts for innovation in business, industry and society and how to foster it. Possible synergies will be analyzed from an entrepreneurial, technological, scientific, social, and artistic angle. Already existing collaboration of S&T with the Arts in European Commission funded projects will be particularly highlighted. More information
15 June 2015: "The creative and cultural industries - a European asset to be used in global competition" in Brussels
In June 2015 the European Economic and Social Committee's Consultative Commission on Industrial Change (CCMI) organized a Public Hearing on “The creative and cultural industries – a European asset to be used in global competition”. It was part of the preparation of an own-initiative opinion by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) aiming at shedding some light to major aspects and challenges for creative and cultural industries. In the context of a growing awareness of the social and economic value of the creative and cultural industries in the European Union and of their identity, the Committee proposes making a cross-cutting analysis of the strategies for exploiting this European heritage and exploring several avenues for discussion on measures to be implemented at European level which will take into account certain aspects deemed relevant by the Committee in earlier work. More Information

11/12 June 2015: "OcioGune 2015" in Bilbao
Organised by the University of Deusto in partnership with ENCATC and the World Leisure Organisation this event will explore the CCI phenomenon to further debate on the challenges and opportunities they offer, the difficulties involved in their consolidation from an international comparative perspective led by renowned experts. In particular, it will address the progress made in recent years in creating methods and tools aimed at measuring and assessing the social impacts, often unforeseen, of CCIs. The 10th edition of OcioGune is structured around three Ideas Forums that seek to examine the emerging CCI phenomenon from three approaches that will be the main challenges faced by cultural and creative industries in the coming years. More Information

11 May 2015: "European Creative Industries Summit 2015" in Brussels
At the European Creative Industries Summit 2015 in Brussels leading professionals in the cultural and creative sectors will come together in order to discuss the challenging role of cultural creative entrepreneurs in the 21st century. The expanding conjunction of Cultural Creative Industries with the economy and society has generated spillover effects and brought forth unique projects and innovations. Download the presentation below. More information

11/12 March 2015: "Cultural and creative crossovers: Partnering culture with other sectors to maximize creativity, growth and innovation" in Riga
The conference will debate the contribution and impact of cultural and creative industry crossovers for the development of the national economy, innovations and the well-being of society. The conference aims to raise awareness of the potential of cultural and creative industry crossovers as an input for the development of other sectors such as the economy, technologies and social innovation, to foster social cohesion and cultural diversity, and to boost smart urban planning and regional development with the overarching goal of sustaining the well-being of society. Best practice cases will be examined at the conference to create a truly interactive and reflective environment. More information

2) Project events and materials

26 January 2016: webinar on cultural and creative spillovers (video of the slide and audio only)
Hosted by James Doeser and the US-based Cultural Research Network and featuring Andrew Erskine (TFCC), Tsveta Andreeva (ECF) and Nicole McNeilly (ACE). You can also access the video on Vimeo.

22 September 2015: Report Research Workshop at the Forum d'Avignon, Essen

27 April 2015: Report Session in Dortmund

Please see also:

17 February 2015: Interim Meeting in London

11 June 2014: Introductory Research Workshop in Essen

3) Get involved

Stay tuned to hear when the research will be debated or presented at workshops or let us know about future events that think could be of our interest in the discussion forum below or by emailing us.

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