This page has two purposes, to:
  1. update you and share new research and blogs. We might write up notes after events or link you to blog that is relevant to this area. If our project has received any press, we might also link to this here.
  2. expand our knowledge through widening our evidence library. We only collected 98 pieces of evidence. We want you to suggest other pieces of research or evaluation with innovative methodologies that attempt to demonstrate causality or that interrogate better spillovers from activity in the arts, culture and creative industries. You can link us to and share any interesting research that you come across and we'll do the same.

Research library

BOOK The Arts Dividend: Why Investment in Culture Pays (June 2016) by Darren Henley
The Arts Dividend looks in depth at seven key benefits that art and culture bring to our lives: encouraging the UK's creativity; advancing education; impacting positively on health and wellbeing; supporting innovation and technology; providing defining characteristics to villages, towns and cities; contributing to economic prosperity; and enhancing England's reputation for cultural excellence on the global stage. This book encourages us to consider the country's unique levels of creativity and the invaluable rewards to be gained from the public investment that enables great art and culture to be a part of everyone's lives, no matter who they are or where they live. Having spent a year traveling the length and breadth of England, Darren Henley shares his reflections on the UK's national arts and culture landscape in 2016, offering a snapshot of the remarkable creativity on display from Cumbria to Kent and from Cornwall to Northumberland.

RESEARCH Understanding the Value of Arts and Culture (March 2016) by The AHRC Cultural Value Project (Geoffrey Crossick & Patrycja Kaszynska)
The Cultural Value project, supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, looked into the question of why the arts and culture matter, and how we capture the effects that they have.
The Project had two main objectives. The first was to identify the various components that make up cultural value. And the second was to consider and develop the methodologies and the evidence that might be used to evaluate these components of cultural value.

ARTICLE Why art and culture contribute more to an economy than growth and jobs (January 2016) by Jen Snowball
Jen Snowball, Professor of Economics at Rhodes University, asks whether we should be thinking about more than economic contribution to the creative industries when we talk about investing in arts and culture.

RESOURCE CULTURAL TIMES – The First Global Map of Cultural and Creative Industries (December 2015) by World Creative
A useful resource demonstrating the contribution of the cultural and creative industries to the global economy.

ARTICLE Creativity and Economy: How to increase global recognition of CCI in emerging economies? (March 2017) by Charlotte McEleny
When comparing the creative industries in emerging economies, this article looks at how countries can increase the global recognition of their creative industries. There is a need for more diversity on international jury panels that bestow awards in the CCI industry, eliminating exasperated stereotypes around customers in different markets, increased support of CCI in entrepreneurial and tech spaces, and greater leadership collaboration and creative expression in the cultural and creative industries of these regions.

ARTICLE Learning from the creative industries (October 2016) by Stephen Hignell
The arts sector struggles to articulate its impact, while the UK’s video games sector has done it very effectively. Stephen Hignell summarises what arts organisations can learn from their success.

RESEARCH Evidence Review - The social and economic impact of investment in the arts (March 2017) by Nesta
A review of evidence about how investment in the arts is achieving social and economic impact.

Partnership news

December 2015
Our research partner, Dr Jonathan Vickery (Centre for Cultural Policy Studies, University of Warwick) has had an article published in the most recent ENCATC Journal of Cultural Policy. "Spillover Effects in Europe – a new research front" - available here (page 5).

November 2015
Read our press release on the publication of the report.

July 2015
Nicole (ACE) and Tsveta (European Cultural Foundation) attended the "Regional Seminar on the Potential of Cultural and Creative Sectors in the Eastern Partnership Countries: Connect, Develop, Invest" in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. Nicole has written a paper on the experience here, commenting on the common challenges that the creative industries sector in Moldova and regions across the EU face and the potential for spillovers to gain even greater value.

May 2015
Read Jonathan Vickery's blog from our partners meeting in Dortmund

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